4 Vital Tips for Buying Second-Hand Bikes

A lot of people buy second hand bikes at this time of year from various places like on ebay or on car boot sales and so on.
There are certain things to watch out for. We had a gentleman come in to the shop with a frame that he bought online for £300. On close inspection it was bent and not worth £20. Bikes can look great on the internet but there is no substitute for casting your eye over a bike that’s right in front of you.

So bear these four tips in mind an you might just pick yourself up a real bargain.

Things to do before you buy the bike:

1 Check the frame is not bent.

This is a simple visual examination. If the frame is bent it indicates that the bike has been seriously damaged.
Don’t buy the bike.

2. Check Seat post is moveable – you are not going to be the same height as the previous owner
so you need to check that you can adjust the saddle height.

to do this loosen the bolt which is securing the seat post to the frame.

After you have done this you should be able to adjust the seat post height with ease.
If not the seat is stuck – consider buying a different bike.

3. Check if the Head set is seized up.

Take a 6 mm Allen key, fit it into the head set bolt, firmly hit with a rubber or wooden mallet. The bolt should turn and you will be able to move the handle bars independently of the front wheel.

4. Check Bottom bracket

Either side of the bike hold in your hands the crank arms (the part that the pedals are attached to).

Try moving it. If there is any sideways play or movement it indicates the bottom bracket needs servicing and possibly needs replacing which will be an extra cost.